Coat Hangers At Dawn

Following the attempts by the fundamentalist extremist religious right in South Dakota to ban contraception, abortion, sex ed and their war on everyone who disagrees with them.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Fed. Govt. Spends 60 Million On Fake Clinics

A recent Congressional report revealed exactly what the taxpayers are getting for the 60 million dollars spent each year.

"Women who consult with pregnancy resource centers often get misleading information about the health risks associated with having an abortion, according to a report issued Monday by Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee."

"Congressional aides, posing as pregnant 17-year-olds, called 25 pregnancy centers that have received some federal funding over the past five years. The aides were routinely told of increased risk for cancer, infertility and stress disorders, said the report, which was prepared for Rep. Henry Waxman."

All of the misleading information has repeatedly been proven as false by the National Cancer Institute, the American Psychological Association and many other reputable agencies.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Mel Gibson Arrested For DUI

The much worshipped director of Passion of the Christ was arrested for DUI.
Again, so much for moral superiority.
Read it here

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Unruh's Brother Speaks Out Against Abstinence And Leslee

Hat tip to Clean Cut Kid for breaking this story. It appears that Leslee Unruh's brother ran into her little abstinence convention in Kansas City. In the blog post he mentions that he has not spoken to her since 1991. One has to wonder why.

He goes on to not only blast her efforts but clearly outline the failed programs and questionable tactics of his sister's antics.

Read it here.

More On The IRS Investigation of Unruh, Alpha Center and Abstinence Clearinghouse

The AP has a more detailed article about the issue today.

The amusing portion of the article was that when questioned both groups responded by claiming the investigation was politically motivated and tossing out some orwellian rhetoric about great they are. They did not make any statement defending their actions or pointing out how or why they are innocent of the charges.

This issues at hand involve a very official and public paper trail of tax returns, publicly documented news accounts and other official documents clearly distributed by the groups in question. So it looks like Leslie may be adding some federal charges to her criminal rap sheet.

So are they still claiming moral superiority over the rest of the population of the state?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

IRS investigating Unruh, Alpha Center And Abstinence Clearinghouse For Violating Federal Tax Laws

Were back from hiatus and it looks like Leslie "Meatloaf" Unruh is in trouble with the law again.

A complaint was filed with the IRS that Unruh and the two federally funded non-profits she operates have been violating federal laws. Part of the violation came from the tax returns that claimed no lobbying efforts in years that she and her non-profits were publicly actively lobbying.
The other specific cited was an email sent endorsing John Stratman who is a board member for both of her non-profits when he attempted to run for the Sioux Falls School Board.

In the recent Argus article about the investigation comments from Unruh again tried to bend reality to her whims. She can feed the media full of whatever excrement she wants without anything to back it up but the IRS will probably expect some proof to back it up.

So how will Leslie make due in federal prision?