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Following the attempts by the fundamentalist extremist religious right in South Dakota to ban contraception, abortion, sex ed and their war on everyone who disagrees with them.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Leslee Unruh Tightens Her Tinfoil Hat On Fox News

Leslee is here to protect all womankind from the evil plot of big pharma and pesticides to steal your children and babies by selling the pill. We couldn't make this shit up if we tried.

According to Leslee:
The big pharma illuminati is playing god
Women must be protected from big pharma
The pill and big pharma is a war on women, children and babies
Big pharma wants you to be like men
Planned Parenthood is in on the evil plan too
If you take the pill you will be forever unable to have children

This was where her bullshit became too much for even Fox News to tolerate. They called her on her claim that the pill would cause permanent infertility. There was also something about big pharma and pesticides being put into your body.

Then Leslee cuts into the discussion to announce she "wants more babies..more babies..we love babies.

Watch it here for yourself. We think this one outdoes her post election meltdown.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Leslee Unruh, Death Dealer Extraordinaire

This comment to our blog was worthy of it's own post.

Big Liberal wrote:
I just wrote a research paper on why abstinence programs in Africa are a colossal failure.

Specifically, it seems that not only do abstinence programs not work, the program's "success" in decreasing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda is a misnomer. It's true, Uganda has seen a drop in prevalence (the percentage of Ugandans who have the disease), but not so much in the incidence (the number of new infections).

AIDS relief workers on the ground there attribute the drop not to abstinence programs, but to an increase in the death rate.'s not that abstinence works; it's just that people are dying faster.

Thanks, Leslee.

Many studies have shown this. The fantasy world abstinence program that Leslee Unruh is trying to export in a fashion the colonial British would admire is killing people and killing them faster in Africa. Uganda is one of the countries Unruh's failed programs is actively running in.

These programs are so dangerous because they tell people false information about condom effectiveness and discourage their use. This is combined with a program based on western conservative protestant ideaology about sex and marriage. This simply does not fit with the reality of life in these areas of Africa that do not operate on Leslee's tiny ignorant world view. The nature of relationships, sex, marriage and how women are treated in these regions is vastly different than it is in Iowa. The sum of all of this is that Leslee Unruh and her merry band of loonies are hastening and creating the deaths of more people in Africa while preventing the programs, tools and drugs that actually do prevent this from being implemented properly.

It does make one wonder if this is willfull ignorance or willfull punishment.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Abstinence Only Aids Head Resigns Amid Prostitution Scandal

Bush Administration Deputy Sec. of State Randall Tobias and head of AIDS programs in Africa administration has resigned after his name appeared on the phone logs in the DC prostitution scandal. Tobias was a pusher of abstinence-only programs in Africa that excluded condom use and derided sex wiorkers.

Tobias admitted using the escort service for massages and not for sex. Yea. Right. A $350 an hour prostitute rather than a $60 an hour certified massage therapist? His lie, he can tell it how he wants. This does sound a bit like Ted Haggard's claims that he only used a gay prostitute for massage.

Tobias also used to be the CEO of Eli-Lilly. He supported the Abstinence-only no condoms programs but at the same time was working hard to undermine attempts to establish generic versions of extremely expensive AIDS drugs. Tobias worked to put more people at risk of AIDS while assuring big profits for US drug companies when they fell ill.

Of course Tobias would see this as logical. His abstinence-only programs DOUBLED the AIDS infection rate in Uganda on his watch. Both the religious right and big pharma should be pleased.

"There's no evidence in generalized populations that a broad-based use of condoms as the backbone of prevention efforts has worked," Mr. Tobias said in a March 10 interview"

Leslee Unruh is a big fan of Tobias, read about her support of him here, here and here.
Of course Unruh is a big supporter of Tobias, he held the checkbook to potentially write big checks for her Abstinence Africa program that has helped create the disaster in Uganda.
Between the recent news that:
Abstinence-only clearly does not work.
Information on condoms used as the cornerstone for abstinence-only programs is outdated and incorrect. Actual statistics for condom use are far better than they are stating.
Now the head of the programs she saw as her cash cow to profit and punishment has fallen.

Clearly if the head promoter of abstinence-only can't keep it in his pants maybe it is time to admit the programs are a waste of money.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Solution To An Out Of Control SCOTUS

Even others on the high court find the recent ruling on late term abortion procedures bizzare and at odds with a number of constitutional rights and previous rulings. The radical right has been trying for years to establish a rubber stamp for their unconstitutional policies rather than an unbiased interpretation of the constitution.

There is a remedy and it has been discussed by many groups in the past.

Impeach the judges that are repeatedly acting in their own interests rather than upholding the constitution.

It would require a largely signed petition of the public to demand that Congress take up impeachment. There would also need to be a 2/3 majority in the Senate for this to pass. It may not be possible today but with another swing in the membership of Congress and the White House it could be possible.

Hunt Goes To Court Monday

Just a reminder. Roger "orange jumpsuit" Hunt goes to his first court hearing Monday at 1:30 at the Minnehaha County Courthouse. He will be asked to explain his laundering of $750,000 of illegal campaign contributions for Leslee Unruh's anti-abortion group.